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The OAP5-1300 is a dual-band outdoor wireless access point (AP) that supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave2 protocol standards launched by TG for outdoor wireless coverage application scenarios. WA5120i-V2 adopts high-quality quad-core professional Qualcomm main chip in the industry, supports 1 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port and 1 Gigabit SFP port, can support up to 27dBm (500mW), and can provide up to 1.3Gbps access Speed, built-in 4 directional antennas with gain of 14dBi, provide a wider range of signal coverage and stronger signal quality, and bring higher throughput.
■  Excellent performance
The OAP5-1300 uses a professional Qualcomm network processor based on a multi-core architecture with high throughput and high load capacity. The 5GHz band adopts the new-generation WiFi wireless standard 802.11ac protocol, and the maximum access rate can reach 867Mbps. The highest access rate of the whole machine is 1267Mbps. The excellent performance can meet the demand for high-speed Gigabit users.

■  Visual_W
The OAP5-1300 combines multi-service cloud intelligent management platform to support 3D panoramic and holographic operation and maintenance, enabling wireless visualization of operation and maintenance. Through the introduction of multiple floor plans to achieve analog point deployment and signal coverage, AP channels, load terminals, MAC addresses, and power information can be clearly viewed. In combination with AP neighbor scan, alarm information such as weak terminal, load, and channel interference is implemented, and alarm information solution suggestions are provided to help optimize the network experience continuously.

■  Strong outdoor adaptability
OAP5-1300 adopts IP67 protection shell design, can adapt to extreme outdoor operating environment, sealed moisture, waterproof, dustproof, windproof design, even in the wide temperature application environment of -40 to 65 degrees Celsius can also ensure the stability of the device And service life.

■  360°signal coverage
The OAP5-1300 can support 360-degree omni-directional dual-band wireless coverage through an external antenna to maximize wireless network services and cover a wider area.

■  Smart RF management
The OAP5-1300 adopts a cast aluminum structure and an integrated antenna structure design. The maximum transmission power can reach 27dBm, intelligent power and channel adjustment. Through radio frequency detection and RF management algorithms, optimize the coverage effect. When the AP signal is disturbed by external strong signals, the AP automatically switches the working channel to optimize the interference with the adjacent channel to ensure the smooth communication of the WLAN.

■  Flexible bracket kit design
The OAP5-1300 adopts an adjustable all-aluminum bracket kit design, which can support both wall-mounting and pole-mounting. The bracket angle can be adjusted in all directions. It is easier to adjust the AP installation angle to optimize signal coverage.

■  Link sensing, intelligent switching
The OAP5-1300 supports Fat/Fit working modes and can be intelligently switched according to the current network conditions. The traditional "Fit AP+AC" centralized network architecture can be realized. When the TG wireless controller fails, the OAP5-1300 can quickly perceive the abnormality through the TG proprietary protocol, intelligently switch to Fat mode, and continue data forwarding.

■  Local forwarding
The OAP5-1300 combined with the TG wireless controller can enable the local forwarding mode, which greatly reduces the forwarding traffic of the TG wireless controller, relieves the traffic pressure, and does not affect the normal wireless network communication if the TG wireless controller is abnormally down.

■  Intelligent seamless roaming and load balancing
After the wireless user associates with the OAP5-1300, it can ensure seamless roaming on the Layer 2 network when moving within the coverage of the wireless signal, and the user is not interrupted during the roaming process. At the same time, the OAP5-1300 supports user-based and frequency-band-based load balancing. When the TG wireless controller finds that the load of the AP exceeds the threshold, if a new user accesses the TG wireless controller, it automatically calculates according to the current wireless network environment and connects the user. Go to the lightly loaded AP.

■  Plug and play
The OAP5-1300 works in the Fit mode. During field installation and post-maintenance, the AP does not need to be reconfigured. The TG wireless controller quickly discovers the new AP that is connected. The AP configuration can be read within 3 seconds after the AP starts up. . The TG wireless controller can be delivered in one click and the APs can be configured synchronously in batches, which greatly reduces the installation and maintenance costs.    

■  Safe and secure network
Provides a wealth of network security features, including SSID hiding, access user isolation, MAC address filtering, anti-ARP attack, user bandwidth limitations and other security strategies. The background access authentication system, billing system, and security access system can be used to implement the access management control for users and effectively protect the security of wireless networks and access users.
Product Information
Product Model OAP5-1300
Hardware specifications
Fixed port 1*10/100/1000 Base-TX port(POE)
1*1000 Base-X SFP ports;
Maximum Data Rate 1267Mbps
Max Rf Transmit Power 27dBm
Antennas 2*2.4G+2*5G Omnidirectional fiberglass antenna
Operating frequency band 802.11b/g/n:2.4GHz~2.483GHz
Power Consumption <21W
Dimensions 239mm×195mm×83mm
PoE 802.3at/af power supply supported
Operating/storage temperature -40°C~65°C/-40°C~85°C
Operating humidity 0%~100%(non-condensing)
Wind Resistance 165 Miles/h
Protection Rate IP67
MTBF >250000H

Software specifications
System Status Support AP model, the name of information display, AP run time display, IP, MAC information display, SSID, encryption, security mode display, working mode display
LAN port settings Support LAN port IP automatic acquisition and manual configuration
VLANs 802.1Q, 4094 VLAN IDs (1 to 4094) and SSID-based VLAN assignment
Blacklist and whitelist Static whitelist and blacklist are supported
RF control Support radio frequency to turn on or off
Wireless Mode 11b,11g,11b/g,11b/g/n,11n,11a,11a/n,11ac
Broadcast Storm Suppression Supported
SSID Hiding Supported
User Isolation Supported
Automatic channel control Supported
Automatic power adjustment Supported
Clients Limit Connected user number limitation for every SSID
Bandwidth restriction STA- or SSID-based rate limiting is supported from AP Controller
Wireless Security 64/128 WPA-PSK,WPA2-PSK,WPA,WPA2
Authentication mode authentication-free, one-key authentication, WeChat authentication, SMS authentication, key authentication, built-in account uthentication, Radius authentication, and external server authentication.
Forwarding mode Local forwarding and centralized forwarding
Fat/Fit Mode Supported
Advanced Settings Beacon Interval, RTS Threshold, Data Beacon Rate (DTIM),Long/Short Preamble, Short Gi, A-MPDU,A-MSDU,WMM
management Telnet, HTTP, AP Controller
Access Control Connect limitation based on mac address
Client Association Status Supported
Username Management Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
Firmware Upgrade Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
Backup & Restore Supported
Reset/Reboot Device Supported from Web UI or AP Controller
System Log Supported
Reboot Schedule Supported

Product Information Detailed information
OAP5-1300 2.4G&5G 11ac dual-band 1300 Mbps, 1 x uplink WAN interface +1 x downlink LAN interface  SFP Port, WAVE2, PoE power supply