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The switch is a full Gigabit management switch, which uses the unique optical port design of the industry, breaking through the limitations of traditional multiplexing ports; reliable switching engine, broadband telecommunication power supply design, fast and efficient loop protection function, escorting the stable operation of your network; international "EEE" environmental protection and energy saving Standard design, effectively saving electricity and money for users. This series of products provide users with brand-new technical characteristics and solutions in the aspects of security, reliability, multi-service integration, easy management and maintenance. It is the ideal convergence of office network, service network and resident network, access switch and the core switch of small and medium-sized enterprises and branches.
■  Non-blocking High-speed Forwarding
Support L2 level wire-speed port switching, which enables all ports to forward packets without blocking. 

■  High Speed and Efficiency Ring Protection
Real-time Monitoring: Built-in configuration-free ring protection, can provide real-time monitoring and find the network rings without delay.
Quick Alarm: The built-in buzzer quickly alarm when a ring is found , to warn the network administrator of ring problems.
Precise Localization: The ring problem interface indicator will flash slowly and periodically to help the network administrator precisely localize the ring port without any delay.
Intelligent Blocking: The switch can automatically block ring port when detect a ring problem, which can efficiently avoid broadcast storm caused by ring problem and secure the normal network communication.
Auto-recovery: After the ring problem is removed, the network will recover automatically, the buzzer stop alarming and ring port back to normal work.

■  Comprehensive Security Control Policies
Support link aggregation to enhance the network bandwidth and defend the network security with link backup.
Support multiple spanning tree protocols: STP, RSTP,provide rapid convergence and improved fault-tolerant capacity. The network sable operation and load balance are well guaranteed, also improved the reasonable use of network channels and redundant link.
Support the binding of user access interface, IP addresses and MAC addresses, to defend against inner network ARP attacks and Dos attacks.
Support the Back-pressure traffic control under Half-Duplex mode and IEEE 802.3x traffic control under Full-Duplex mode. The heavy traffic data peak can be switched stably without the concern of network paralysis caused by overload.

■  Convenient and Quick Management and Maintenance
Adopt simple visual Web-based interface, which helps users to handle various functions easily and conveniently. 
Support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that the devices are convenient to configure and manage. Small and medium-sized enterprise customers can centralized manage the switch easily.
Support CLI command line management, suitable for professional network administrators.
Support Port Mirror Function, can monitor the ingress, egress or bi-direction packets.
Support resetting to factory defaults, make the maintenance more easily.

■  Innovative Energy Saving Design, the leader of low-carbon communication
Supports IEEE 802.3az(Energy Efficient Ethernet), port energy detection, CPU variable-frequency and device hibernate technology, greatly reducing energy consumption and noise without compromising performance and stability.
Product Information
Product Model SG2528C
Hardware specifications
Fixed Ports 28*10/100/1000 Base-T ports
4*1000 Base-X SFP ports(Combo)
Consloe 1
Reset 1
Port Switching capacity 56Gbps 
Forwarding Rate 42Mpps
Flash/RAM 16MB/128MB
Temperature Operating temperature: (-10 - 50)°C
Storage temperature: (-40 - 70)°C
Humidity Operating humidity: (10% - 90%) RH, non-condensing
Storage humidity: (5% - 90%) % RH, non-condensing
Dimensions(L*W*H) 440(L)*205(W)*44(H)mm
Power AC:100~240VAC,50~60Hz,5V/6A
Power consumption 30W
Weight <3.5Kg
Lightning protection 6KV
MAC address table 8K
LED Indicator Power,System ,Link/Act
Software specifications
Forwarding mode Store-and-forward
Protocol and Standards IEEE 802.3, 10 Base-T Ethernet;
IEEE 802.3u,100 BASE-TX;
IEEE 802.3ab,1000 BASE-T;
IEEE 802.3z,1000 BASE-X;
IEEE 802.3az,EEE(Energy Efficient Ethernet);
MAC Address 8K MAC addresses,Support auto-update, two-way learning
VLAN Based Port VLAN
Up to 4096 VLAN
VLANs based on IEEE 802.1q
Spanning Tree STP Spanning Tree Protocol
RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
Port Aggregation 8 aggregation groups,each containing up to 8 ports;
Port Mirroring Send and receive two-way port mirroring
Ring network protocol support
Support ring protection
Support for Downward Multiring
Port Isolation
Port stream control
Downlink ports are isolated from each other and can communicate with uplink
Half duplex based on backpressure control
Full duplex based on PAUSE frames
Port speed limit Port Based Input / Output Bandwidth Management
Multicast control IGMPv1/2/3 and MLDv1/2 Snooping
IPv6 Pingv6
DHCP DHCP Snooping
Storm suppression Storm suppression for unknown Unicast, multicast, multicast, broadcast type
Storm suppression based on bandwidth regulation and storm filtering
Security features Based on Vlan, MAC binding
ACL Based on IP and MAC
Security limit on the number of MAC addresses based on ports
QOS 802.1 P Port Queue Priority Algorithm
Cos/Tos,QOS tags
WRR (Weighted Round Robin)
Line order Auto-MDIX, Automatic identification of straight and cross lines
Ping Detection IPv4/IPv6 Ping Detection
Modalities for consultation Port automatic negotiation
System maintenance Detection of connectivity
Upgrade package upload
See System log
WEB factory configuration restored
Management WEB-based interface management
CLI Management (Command Line Interface)

Product Information Detailed information
SG2528C 28*10/100/1000 Base-T ports, 4*1000 Base-X SFP ports(Combo)
SFP-GE-SX-MM850 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver, Multi-Mode (850nm, 550m, LC)
SFP-GE-LX-SM1310 1000BASE-LX SFP Transceiver, Single Mode (1310nm, 20km, LC)
SFP-GE-SC-1310 SFP Gigabit optical module, TX1310/RX1550 (20km, SC)
SFP-GE-SC-1550 SFP Gigabit optical module, TX1550/RX1310 (20km, SC)