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Solution - POE Network Solution
POE Network Solution for Security Industry

1. Market Prospect Analysis

With more public attention focusing on harmonious society and public security, the application of video monitoring system has been expanded to more and more industries. The monitoring area covers even a city or the whole country. One typical example is the “Safe City” project in China’s public security system. This project need to implement network connection of all key video monitoring points in a city, even implement network connection of multiple cities and uplink all the data to a higher system. Video monitoring also covers rail transit industry now, several or dozens of cameras will be installed in a railway station, dozens of stations are connected by a railway and hundreds of railways are connected to Ministry of Railway. Thus,the railway video monitoring comes into a large network system. Except the two examples, video monitoring also covers many other aspects of society now, like the emergency command of government, rescue and relief work, the emission testing of Environment Protection Department. All these security monitoring applications are more focusing on high-definition information, easier engineer maintenance and optimized network connection.

Under this background, the new generation IP cameras have more advantages compared with traditional simulation cameras, IP cameras’s digital work brings a more easy-operation algorithm, which enables a smarter selecting of compression technique in video capture and transmitting. For example, the IP camera will zoom in the intruder’s face when recognizes there is a people, then take a high-definition picture and compress the picture into JPEG format. The JEPG picture will be sent to specified memory area or directly sent to security officer’s PDA when the intrusion need to be noticed immediately. The transmitting of picture adopts IP network, so customized security technology network is not needed. According to statistics, the IP camera demand had geometric growth during 2005 to 2009, the demand has increased dozens of times. Now IP cameras only cover 3% of security camera market, the industry estimates that IP camera will have a market share of 50% in the year of 2015.Now the POE standard IP cameras gradually recognized by the market for its convenient installation, simple network structure and high quality image. With the increasing demand of POE standards IP cameras, the matched POE products will also have large market demand. Estimated sales volume in 2015 will be 500 million RMB.

POE Switch Application in Different Industries


Recommended POE Products for Security Monitoring Solution:

a)   Gigabit IP camera access: P3000 series POE switch;

b)   10/100M IP camera centralized deployment: P2000 series 10/100M or 10/100/1000M POE switch;

c)   10/100M IP camera scattered deployment: P1000 series fast Ethernet POE switch;

     Recommended Network Switches for office network:

a)   Core network: S5100 series 10G manged switch or S3100 series full gigabit managed switch.

b)   Access network in different floors: S2500 series full gigabit aggregation security switch or S2100 full gigabit ring detecting security switch.

c)   Specific User centralized deployment area: S1500 gigabit network switch.

POE Injector used to transform common network solution into POE solution:

a)   PSE501-15W supports 10/100M PDs, max power 15.4W;

b)   PSE501G-15W supports 10/100/1000M PDs, max power 15.4W;

c)   PSE501-30W supports 10/100M PDs, max power 30W;

d)   PSE501G-30W supports10/100/1000M PDs, max power 30W.

Solution 1:

When there is a non-POE PD in POE network system, a PD splitter is needed:

a)   PD501-12V-15W supports 10/100M PD, max power 15.4W, supports adjustable voltage of 5/9/12V;

b)   PD501G-12V-15W supports 10/100/1000M PD, max power 15.4W, adjustable voltage of 5/9/12V;

c)   PD501G-12V-30W supports 0/100/1000M PD, max power 30W, adjustable voltage of 5/9/12V;

Solution 2:



3. Product Advantages

Supports IEEE802.3at(30W), comply with IEEE802.3af(15.4W);

Transmitting electrical power together with data through a single network cable, free of power lines;

Automatically detect and supply power to IEEE802.3at and IEEE 802.3af compliant powered devices(PDs);

Advanced SAFC function, only supply power to IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PDs, no worry about damaging other private standard POE devices or devices without POE function;

support port power supply prioritization, guarantee the continuous power supply of key nodes;

Up to 100m network cable transmitting distance, support flexible network expansion without power line deployment concerns. Users can freely fix their wireless APs, IP cameras or other end devices on the wall or ceiling;

Built-in PSE power supply module, plug-and play design, easy to install;

High security performance defending against power surge;

Support short-circuit protection function, the switch will automatically start short-circuit function and cut off the power supply when there is high-current or other power failures, which can efficiently defend against device damage or network failures caused by line fault or wrong installation;

Energy-saving green design, support auto-switch to standby mode and auto-detect cable length. It will stay in standby mode and save the power when the port is disconnected , or provide a lower transmission power when the network cable is less than 10m;

Support simple WEB management, easy to configure the functions of switches.

The POE injector adopts special design for side by side installation, convenient for series connection.

The POE splitter supports multiple voltage output:5V/9V/12V, suitable for various non-POE PDs.

The POE splitter comes with four different types of DC plugs, supports various access devices.

POE IP camera can be installed in any place, provide real-time monitoring without blind spots. And the maintenance is convenient.

POE monitoring system supports both centralized or scattered network storage, easy to expand the network capacity.

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