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Medium or Small Sized Enterprise Network Solution

In the new economy environment, domestic medium/small sized enterprises play crucial role.Facing with the fierce market competition, many medium/small sized enterprises are looking for more effective communication method to develop cross-regional cooperation and customer services. Communication has been a main point of enterprise competition capacity. Global market is now the main development trend, medium/small sized enterprises must prepare for the challenges, improve information and network construction.

The above solution adopts most simplified and high speed layer 2 network structure, easy operation. User can quickly start network application, control service quality in high speed and efficiency.

1、Core Layer and External Access

Medium/small sized network need high performance, reliability and expansion. S7503 routing switch has a switching capacity up to 384Gbps and backplane bandwidth up to 1.2 Tbps. It adopts dual control and dual power supply design, can provide high performance and reliability network. And it is a cost-efficient core switch, is the best choice for network construction.

This solution applies R3200 64-bit single core full gigabit router and TG-NET F3000-4G-F carrier class multiple function firewall combination. R3200 adopts 64-bit dual core Cavium network processing unit. This Router capable of hardware acceleration, can greatly increase the processing speed of hardware. It breaks the processing bottleneck of traditional routers, it processes the packets by hardware and greatly improved the speed. F3000-4G-1F series provide multiple security policies, including user authentication, spam mail filtering,VPN and other management. The network security can be well guaranteed.

2. Access Layer

The different departments in an enterprise usually adopt full gigabit access devices to get high-speed communication between departments, which also can guarantee network security.

S3100-24G-2F Ethernet Switch supports 24 gigabit electronic ports, 2 gigabit SFP combo ports and a Console port, which enable gigabit connection to desktop and gigabit fiber uplink to core switch. This switch supports VLAN, port mirroring, ARP binding, STP/RSTP and up to 12-port aggregation.It can be managed by CLI , remote telnet, and WEB interface.

S3100’s special internal network security defence system can easily solve the security problems in VLAN, defending from ARP spoofing, MAC address attack, Dos attack and other network attacks. The visual  easy-operation WEB interface management helps users to defend common security problems and provide the hotel a high-performance, low-cost and WEB managed network solution.

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