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With a 20-year development history , China’s campus informatization construction has made great achievements. Especially in the past 15 years, government has established China Education and Research Network (CERNET), the information and communication technology has been widely used in campuses. Under a background like that, TG-NET think that digital campuses has been developed on the basis of network and communication technology. The campus environment,resources,communication and other aspects all can be expressed in digital form and well organized, which brings a more limitless campus space and more efficient campus operation.

Improving Campus Information Construction has made the Campus Network an important supporting platform of teaching,scientific research and management. After the continuous infrastructure construction and application improvements for years, campuses in China have constructed a relatively stable campus network infrastructure and diversified campus network application platform. More importance will be attached to security& stability of backbone network, integration of multiple services and development of next generation IPv6 network.

  Higher Education Campus Network






Large-scale campus network requires network core switches with high-speed switching capacity and high reliability, and to get a convenient upgrade, the switches must support 10G technology and IPv6 expansion. S7506 supports a switching capacity up to 1.5 Tbps and a backplane bandwidth up to 2.4 Tbps. It adopts double control and dual power supply design, provides four expansion slots which supports high-density gigabit modules ( Max 192)and 10G modules(Max 32).With the strong capacity, S7506 can provide a high performance, high reliability and large expansion campus network system. And to get a high-reliability network structure and guarantee the effective working of campus network, S7506 adopts the solution of dual core 10G aggregation to avoid network failure caused by single point. With the intensified firewall module in S7506 high-level routing switch, the large-scale campus network can be managed conveniently and effectively.

Except for high-speed port forwarding capacity, Large-scale campus network should attach more importance to the application of security control policies and focus on defence against internal network threats. R4200 Router adopts 64-bit dual core gigabit solution, having a NAT packet forwarding rate up to 800 Kpps, and maximum support 1000 sets computers. To ensure network security of large-scale campus, there are carrier class gigabit multiple function firewalls between the core router and core network switch. The firewall supports multiple security control functions,supports management and audition of user authentication, spam mails, application filtering and VPN, can provide comprehensive protection for the network system. And its 3.4Gbps large handling capacity can also guarantee high-speed packet forwarding when the security policies works.

2、 Aggregation in Buildings

Large-scale campus network usually adopts 3-layer structure, each wiring closet will have a full gigabit layer3 switch used to aggregate the access switches. S5500-28F-4TF 10G switch provides 24 SFP optic fiber ports, the transmitting distance can cover whole building and full-speed link working can be guaranteed. This switch has a large switching capacity of 240Gbs which enable a large number of data ingress and switching. The switch also supports 10G expansion and IPv6 upgrading, the campus network can upgrade conveniently and economically.

3、 Network Security for all buildings

The network systems in teaching building, laboratory building, dormitory, library and other campus area are easy to get attacked by hackers and viruses for they have a wide range of access points and large number of student users. To achieve strong inner network security, there must be effective defend starts from access layers. The S3100 series Ethernet Switches are with special inner network defend system to against the frequent security problems in VLAN. The system can effectively defend against ARP spoofing attacks, MAC address attacks, Dos attacks and other potential security problems. The switch can be easily managed by visual WEB interface, which can get a high performance, low-cost and easy-operation security solution.

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