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WA3122i is a dual-band dual-stream wireless access point (AP) for TG-oriented applications such as hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, conference centers and other user-intensive applications. Support 802.11a / b / g / n / ac protocol, and work in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band, the maximum access rate of up to 1167Mbps, effectively improve the utilization of spectrum resources. Built-in custom-developed omnidirectional high-gain antenna, can provide a wider coverage, more reliable and reliable wireless signal access, very suitable for user-intensive scenes.
The WA3122i supports FAT and FIT AP modes and can be flexibly selected as needed. Allowing easy upgrades to large networks, fully protecting the user's investment costs. In the hotel scene, the deployment of a large number of AP, it can also be centrally managed by the TG wireless controller. The solution supports seamless roaming, centralized AP management and quick troubleshooting.

Superior performance

The WA3122i features a professional network processor based on a multi-core architecture with high throughput and high load capability. 5GHz band using a new generation of WiFi wireless standard 802.11ac protocol, the maximum access rate of 1167Mbps machine, excellent performance to meet the needs of users of high-speed Gigabit.


Intelligent authentication management

The WA3122i cooperates with the TG wireless controller to support different authentication schemes based on SSID. The authentication methods include: authentication-free, one-key authentication, WeChat authentication, WeChat WiFi authentication, SMS authentication, key authentication, built-in account authentication, radius authentication, Identity card authentication, external server authentication, billing certification. A wealth of authentication strategies to meet the needs of a variety of user authentication.


Intelligent seamless roaming and load balancing

Wireless user association WA3122i, in the wireless signal coverage within the mobile, you can ensure seamless roaming in the two-tier network, and the user in the process of roaming network business is not interrupted. At the same time WA3122i support based on the number of users and frequency-based load balancing, when the TG wireless controller found that the AP load exceeds the threshold, if a new user access, TG wireless controller automatically calculated according to the current wireless network environment, the user then Into the lighter load AP.


Link aware, intelligent switching

WA3122i support Fat / Fit two modes of operation, according to the current network conditions for intelligent switching. Which can achieve the traditional "Fit AP + AC" centralized network architecture, when the TG wireless controller failure occurs, WA3122i also through the TG private protocol, rapid perception of abnormal, intelligent switch to Fat mode, to continue the data forwarding.


Local forwarding

WA3122i combined with TG wireless controller, can open the local forwarding mode, greatly reducing the wireless controller forwarding traffic, ease the flow pressure, abnormal controller in the case of wireless controller does not affect the normal communication of wireless networks.


Plug and play

WA3122i work in Fit mode, in the field installation and post-maintenance, AP no need to reconfigure, TG wireless controller quickly find access to the new AP, AP start within 3 seconds to complete the template configuration, convenient and quick. TG wireless controller can be a key release configuration, AP batch synchronization configuration, greatly reducing the installation, operation and maintenance costs.


Intelligent RF management

The WA3122i provides automatic power and channel adjustment. Through the exclusive RF detection and RF management algorithm to optimize the RF coverage effect. When the AP signal is subject to external strong signal interference, through the control AP automatically switch to the appropriate working channel to avoid interference signals, reduce the interference with the adjacent.


Energy conservation and environment protection

The low power consumption and high performance design, RF radiation indicators. MIMO supports dynamic power saving mode (DMPS) and automatic power save delivery (APSD), intelligent identification terminal actual performance requirements, reasonable allocation of terminal dormancy queue, bidirectional power between AP and dynamic adjustment of the client, in order to reduce the equipment energy consumption.