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Date:2017/3/17      Click times:4608      Keywords:WA2306 Indoor Ceiling 802.11n Access Point
WA2306 Indoor Ceiling 802.11n Access Point is TG's latest fat and thin integration AP, the maximum rate of 300Mbps, support 802.11b / g / n protocol. Support wireless roaming, load balancing, local forwarding, user isolation and other functions. WA2306 maximum RF transmit power 20dBm, built-in 2 3dBi gain smart antenna, is ideal for free scene wireless coverage needs for small and medium-sized hotels, businesses, restaurants, business, entertainment and other applications.

Intelligent RF management

The WA2306 wireless access point provides automatic channel adjustment. Through the exclusive RF detection and RF management algorithm to optimize the RF coverage effect. When the AP signal is subject to external strong signal interference, through the control AP automatically switch to the appropriate working channel to avoid interference signal to ensure the smooth flow of WLAN communication.


Local forwarding

The WA2306 combines the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform to enable the local forwarding mode, which greatly reduces the forwarding traffic of the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform and alleviates the traffic pressure. In the case of the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform, Affecting the normal communication of the wireless network.


Intelligent certification management

WA2306 with multi-service cloud intelligent management platform can be achieved based on SSID support different authentication combination strategy, Certification, including certification: certification, a key authentication, WeChat authentication, WeChat with WiFi certification, SMS authentication, key authentication, built-in account authentication, Radius certification, ID card authentication, external server authentication, billing certification. A wealth of authentication strategies to meet the needs of a variety of user authentication.


Smart seamless roaming and load balancing

Wireless user association WA2306, in the wireless signal coverage within the mobile, you can ensure seamless roaming in the two-tier network, and the user in the process of roaming network business is not interrupted. The WA2306 supports the load balancing based on the number of users. When the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform finds that the load of the AP exceeds the threshold, if the new user accesses, the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform automatically calculates the AP according to the current wireless network environment. Into the lighter load AP.


Link awareness, smart switch

WA2306 supports Fat / Fit two modes of operation, according to the current network conditions for intelligent switching. Which can achieve the traditional "Fit AP + AC" centralized network architecture, when the multi-service cloud intelligent management platform failure occurs, WA2306 also through the TG private agreement, rapid perception of abnormal, intelligent switch to Fat mode, to continue the data Forwarding.


Plug and play

WA2306 work in Fit (thin) mode, in the field installation and post-maintenance, AP no need to reconfigure, multi-service cloud intelligent management platform to quickly find access to the new AP, AP start 3 seconds to complete the template configuration, Convenient. Multi-service cloud intelligent management platform can be a key release configuration, AP batch synchronization configuration, greatly reducing the installation, operation and maintenance costs.


Energy saving and environmental protection

Using low-power, high-performance design. It supports dynamic MIMO power saving mode (DMPS) and automatic power saving (APSD), intelligently identifies the actual performance requirements of the terminal, rationalizes the deployment of the terminal sleep queue, dynamically adjusts the bidirectional power between the AP and the client to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment