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Date:2017/1/5      Click times:2540      Keywords:WA5120i Outdoor 802.11ac Dual Band Access Point
TG WA5120i is the latest generation of Outdoor 802.11ac Dual Band Access Point, features 2*2 MIMO technology, supports simultaneous dual band in 2.4 and 5GHz for 1167Mbps wireless speeds, Gigabit Ethernet port ensures high speed Internet access. TG WA5120i is compact, aesthetically pleasing, and can either be mounted on walls or ceilings.
TG WA5120i is well suited for mall, hotel, company and the other ultra-high density environments.

Industrial-Class Hardware Design

TG WA5120i is Dedicate high-power ampliers, professional antennas, and professionally designed RF shields ensure excellent wireless performance. Enterprise-class chipsets offer outstanding performance and support longer running time, higher client capacity, and wider range.


Dual Fat/Fit mode

TG WA5120i supports Fat and Fit modes, which can flexibly switch between the two according to your network planning, and specify its shipping mode.

Users can start small, acquire the corresponding network equipment and set it to Fat mode. As the number of user grows which tens and hundreds of network devices are installed, the user is recommended to add more TG Box to simplify network management and centrally manage all wall plate series AP. All the users need to do is to switch the APs to Fit mode.


VLAN For multi SSID

TG WA5120i can be configured to broadcast up to 4 SSIDs. Each SSID can be tagged to a specified network VLAN to establish different internet access rights.