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BackTG-NET S3500 Series L2 Managed Switches
Date:2014/7/13      Click times:9057      Keywords:S3500 Series Full Gigabit L2 Managed Switches
 TG-NET S3500 Series L2 Managed Switches
The S3500 series are L2 gigabit Ethernet Switches developed by TG. Except for excellent non-blocking line-speed data switching, the series support diversified service features as well. The switches supports easy-to-use Web management and comprehensive security policies, which enable to establish high security and easy-managed access network environments in government networks, campus networks, enterprise networks and other public networks.
The series consist of two models: S3500-10G-2F, S3500-26G-2F, S3500-28G-4F, S3500-16F-8G

Non-blocking High-speed Forwarding

Support L2 level wire-speed port switching, which enables all ports to forward packets without blocking.


Comprehensive Security Control Policies

Support link aggregation to enhance the network bandwidth and defend the network security with link backup.

Support multiple spanning tree protocols: STP, RSTP, provide rapid convergence and improved fault-tolerant capacity. The network sable operation and load balance are well guaranteed, also improved the reasonable use of network channels and redundant link;

Support the binding of user access interface, IP addresses and MAC addresses, to defend against inner network ARP attacks and Dos attacks.

Support attacks defense strategies, against for Land attacks, Blat attacks, Ping attacks, TCL controled flag attacks.

Support IEEE 802.1x port authentication, process security authentication for access users.

Support storm suppression based on bandwidth adjustment, storm flitering and ACL strategie.

Support the Back-pressure traffic control under Half-Duplex mode and IEEE 802.3x traffic control under Full-Duplex mode. The heavy traffic data peak can be switched stably without the concern of network paralysis caused by overload.


Convenient and Quick Management and Maintenance

Adopt simple visual Web-based interface, which helps users to handle various functions easily and conveniently. 

Support Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) that the devices are convenient to configure and manage. Small and medium-sized enterprise customers can centralized manage the switch easily.

Support CLI command line management, suitable for professional network administrators.

Support Port Mirror Function, can monitor the ingress, egress or bi-direction packets.

Support resetting to factory defaults, make the maintenance more easily.


Innovative Energy Saving Design, the leader of low-carbon communication

Supports IEEE 802.3az(Energy Efficient Ethernet ), port energy detection, CPU variable-frequency and device hibernate

technology, greatly reducing energy consumption and noise without compromising performance and stability.