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BackTG-NET S3500 Series L2 Managed Switches
Date:2014-7-13      Click times:6282      Keywords:TG-NET S3500 Series L2 Full Gigabit Managed Switches
 TG-NET S3500 Series L2 Managed Switches
The S3500 series enterprise switches are Full Gigabit L2 switches. The S3500 utilizes cutting-edge hardware and TG-NET Operating System Platform (TOS) software to provide high-performance access and aggregation to an enterprise campus network. The S3500 series switches integrates many advanced technologies in terms of reliability, security, and energy saving. It employs simple and convenient means of installation and maintenance to reduce customers' OAM cost and help enterprise customers build a next-generation IT network.

Comprehensive QoS policies and security mechanisms

The S3500 classifies complex traffic based on packet information such as the 5-tuple, IP preference,ToS, DSCP, IP protocol type, ICMP type, and CoS. Each port supports eight priority queues and multiple queue scheduling algorithms, such as WRR, SP, WRR+SP. Together, these features ensure high-quality voice, video, and data services.

The S3500 provides multiple security measures to defend against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, as well as attacks against networks or individual users. DoS attack types include SYN Flood attacks, Land attacks,Smurf attacks, and ICMP Flood attacks. Attacks on networks refer to STP BPDU/root attacks. Attacks on users include bogus DHCP server attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, IP/MAC spoofing attacks, and DHCP request flood attacks. DoS attacks that change the CHADDR field in DHCP packets are another type of attack aimed at users.


Powerful support for services

The S3500 supports IGMP v1/v2/v3 snooping, IGMP filter, IGMP fast leave, and IGMP proxy. The S3500 supports wire-speed replication of multicast packets between VLANs, multicast load balancing among member interfaces of a trunk, and controllable multicast, meeting requirements for IPTV and other multicast services.


Energy conservation, and low radiation

The S3500 uses an energy-saving integrated circuit design to ensure even heat dissipation. Idle ports can enter a sleep mode to further reduce power consumption. Radiation produced by the S3500 is within the standard range for electric appliances and causes no harm to the human body.


Easy deployment and maintenance free

Supports SNMP v1/v2c and provides flexible methods for managing devices. Users can manage the S3500 using the CLI and Web NMS.